Auto Credit USA

All our financing is obtained through GCAC, a local stand alone finance company. The entire GCAC financing process takes place locally and that can be invaluable to getting your loan approved. It allows us to work more closely with GCAC, assuring you the best possible chance of getting financed.

We realize that bad things sometimes happen to good people. That’s why if your credit is not what it should be due to divorce, medical bills, layoffs… even bankruptcy, you owe it to yourself to see us at Auto Credit USA. We really can help you get approved and start the rebuilding process for your credit.

We even go the extra step. If for some reason you are not approved, we’ll take the time to help you understand why, and determine what you can do to help your situation. We really do care and want to see you driving today.

For credit approval ahead of your visit, apply here online, or you can call our credit hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Toll Free: 1-800-813-3774.

If you ever have questions about your payments, credit or loan, contact GCAC directly at (260) 481-2020.